Municipal employees in communities across Ontario are counting on their pension plan, OMERS, for their family's future security.

A pension is a promise. But the people who govern OMERS are threatening to break that promise by making sweeping changes to their hard-earned retirement benefits.

The board of OMERS will be voting in November on a plan to:

  • cut the benefits workers receive – benefits they have been counting on
  • give youngers workers less when they retire, and less than the older workers they are working side-by-side with

People working for municipalities, school boards, libraries, police and fire departments, and agencies are counting on OMERS. These workers provide vital services, making our communities healthy and safe. They deserve to retire with a fair pension they can count on, a pension they have contributed to every day they've been working. A pension they've been promised.

OMERS is one of Canada's largest defined benefits plans, there's no financial argument for these sweeping changes. OMERS is financially sustainable, with more than $95 billion in assets, investment performance almost double the planned rate of return, and being well ahead of its funding targets.

Please help us stop these sweeping changes that will short-change workers and weaken our communities by sending an email or sharing our message on social media.

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